Hello! I'm Yangyi.

I am

I'm a product designer deeply driven by creating experiences that bring people closer.
I have project experience and great passion in the area of AR, data visualization and game design.
I'm currently a first-year MSHCI student at Georgia Tech and actively seeking summer 2020 product design internships.

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Georgia Aquarium Predator AR Experience
#UX Research, UX Design, AR
How to change people's perception towards shark from fear to fascination?

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#Data Visualization, UX/UI, Web
Designed and built a web-based visualization system that helps consumers dive deeper into the financials of over 1000 companies.

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Shadow of The Star Raider: Exodus
#Video Game Design & Dev, Unity3D
An action-adventure video game involves room escape, skill learning and NPC battles.

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Squish, Squish, Squish
#VFX, Unity3D, Arduino
An interactive canvas of generative motion graphics & music. A media art piece that stimulates the senses, emotions and imaginations of people passing by.

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#UX Research, UX Design, Mobile App
How might we simplify the process of finding assistantships on campus?

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Vase Series
#Parametric Design, Digital Fabrication
Designed vases in Rhinoceros with grasshopper, and printed them with clay using robotic arm.

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Design Practices
#Visual Design, 3D Design, Motion Design
As an early-career designer, I want to explore different design areas and practice my skills.

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Other creations I'm proud of 🎉

Hackathons Projects 🦁

Plantronic(Moog Music Hackathon 2020)
#Arduino, Moog Synthesizer
Made an instrument use plants(along with many sensors lol) as input and Moog synthesizer as output.

#Reddit redesign, Social Computing
How to avoid the echo chamber within a social community?

Latte Art by Me & Dog Photography 🐶